Week 02 – Historical Society of Philadelphia

This week’s work could be defined by data gathering and meeting having. I handled a lot of logistics, such as creating a communication plan with Caroline Hayden, my mentor at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP). I was also able to discuss the project with last year’s Fellow, Karen Boyd, who gave me a great overview from her perspective. I’d previously viewed Karen’s lightning talk about her work at HSP, but being able to discuss what she did and what she thinks is a good next phase helped me figure out the scope for my own work on the project. Along with the coordination with Caroline and Karen, the LEADS Fellows had an online meeting where we discussed what we’ve been doing since leaving our boot camp in Philadelphia. I enjoyed hearing how other people’s work is progressing and am excited to begin the next stage of my own. 

Alyson Gamble
Doctoral Student, Simmons University

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