YAMZ Metadata Dictionary

What is YAMZ?

YAMZ (Yet Another Metadata Zoo) is a collective and collaborative metadata dictionary designed to support FAIR use of metadata. YAMZ enables individuals and communities of practice to contribute, comment on, and vote on terms.

YAMZ is a dictionary of terms meant to be selectively referenced by future standards. Some are fixed, and some are still evolving. Essentially, YAMZ constitutes a series of nano-specifications with unique, persistent identifiers that track a term from evolving to mature to deprecated. 

Current development is focusing on enhancing application features that integrate community member expertise to: 1) determine a canonical set of metadata terms and 2) analyze and improve the quality of related metadata. This notion builds on the ranking/feedback loop that underlies community-driven systems in computer-supported cooperative work. YAMZ is integrating with ORCiD to find new ways for authors to automatically receive recognition for their work and provide opt-in rich profile information to help inform search result rankings.

Getting Involved

The current version of YAMZ is hosted by the Drexel College of Computing and Informatics at https://yamz.net. YAMZ is on Github (https://github.com/metadata-research/yamz). Discussion of YAMZ development and deployment issues takes place at the yamz-forum. The beta site is accessible at yamz.link.


Current YAMZ support is via the NSF-U.S. Research Data Alliance/Ronin Institute as part of the IMLS LEADING fellowship program


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