Week 2: Understanding the limitation of data – What we can’t do

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After developing some visualization to understand the relationship between columns in the RAMP dataset, we had a follow-up meeting to discuss the visualization result.
The visualization I discussed on the meeting focuses on aggregation between categorical values in the ramp dataset including the number of visits for each index and each domain name (URL), number of visitors for citable and non-citable content, number of visits based on the user devices, and providing histogram for position, clicks, and clickThrough.
In the meeting, we also discussed the possibilities of incorporating external data such as metadata for each index. One of the mentors Jonathan have been trying to merge metadata to the older RAMP dataset period (2018), and we also can extract the metadata from the new dataset that we want to focus on analyzing.
What I will do next for this dataset is extracting metadata, make the data reacher so we can understand more about the behavior of the users through the metadata and form a research question that we want to focus on for the RAMP dataset.
Nikolaus Parulian


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