Week – 9 Sonia Pascua – 1910 LCSH Database Schema

LEADS site: Digital Scholarship Center
Project title: SKOS of the 1910 Library of Congress Subject Heading
The next traction achieved in this project was when the 1910 LCSH concepts were loaded to a database. Below are the screenshots of the CONCEPT table with the records which are the concepts of 1910 LCSH. This created database named “lchs1910.db”, is added into the list of vocabulary databases in HIVE. Next steps are to formulate a test case which will be provided by Peter and execute a query to check the results. It is also considered the loading of the created RDF or db to the live HIVE and Joan Boone, the developer of HIVE is on the assist. Couldn’t wait the end output of the testing and the live 1910 LCSH.
Volume 1 – Database Schema Letters A-F
Volume 2 – Database Schema Letters G-P
Volume 3 – Database Schema Letters S-Z

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