Rongqian Ma; Week 8-10

Week 8-10: Re-organizing place and date information. Based on the problems that have appeared in the current version of visualizations, I performed another round of data cleaning and modification, especially for the date and geography information. With the goal of reducing the categories for each visualization, I merged some more data into others. For example, all the city information was merged into countries, single date information (e.g., 1470) was merged into the corresponding time period (e.g., in the case of the year 1470, it was merged into the 1450-1475 time period), and inconsistency of data across the time and geography categories was further manipulated. As demonstrated in the following example, the new version of visualizations gets more “clean” in terms of the number of categories and becomes more readable. For the last couple of weeks, I have also had discussions with my mentor about the visualizations, the problems I had, and have worked with my mentor for the data merge. I’m also working on a potential poster submission to iConference 2020. 




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