Week 3: Metadata – data about data


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On the 3rd week, I worked on downloading the metadata from the institutional repository. We already prepared a script to download the metadata based on the RAMP dataset we want to analyze. However, because every period there will always be a new request to the different documents, we must download the unique URL requested to have complete metadata.
Besides gathering the metadata, I also tried to do some analysis on the metadata and the Institutional Repositories. From my observation, I found that each Institutional Repository commonly uses some metadata terms, and there are also some unique terms that are used by only some IRs.
On the weekly meeting, we gathered some ideas that we want to focus working on, and we will work on to tackle these research questions with the supervision of Prof. Arlitsch and Jonathan for the upcoming weeks.
Nikolaus Parulian

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  1. Oh it’s good to hear that there are at least SOME common metadata fields throughout all of the data. If I’m understanding your first paragraph correctly, the dataset is always being updated, so you will be using a URL unique to that particular time of data collection, right?

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