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Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub (NEBDIH) 2018 Summit

MRC members participated in Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub (NEBDIH) 2018 Summit at Columbia University. IS Doctoral Student Adam Johs and Graduate Student Assistant Liz Jenkins were recipients of NEBDIH student travel awards, and assisted with recording session activities both in the AM general session as well as the afternoon Ethics and Data Literacy breakout meeting. Rosina Weber, who has expertise is in Artificial intelligence, text analytics, and machine learning, attended the full day summit, including the afternoon breakout session targeting Health data.

Rosina Weber and IS Doctoral Student Adam Johs at the NEBDIH 2018 Sumit

Professor Greenberg presented a lightning talk entitled, “Data Sharing Spoke Initiative,” and offered an update on the Data Sharing Spoke initiative, “A Licensing Model and Ecosystem for Data Sharing.” The day was eventful and full of productive discussion across the board.