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MRC Doctoral Students Present at RDA 10th Plenary in Montreal

Metadata Research Center (MRC) researchers presented at the Research Data Alliance (RDA) 10th Plenary Meeting in Montreal Canada, from September 19th-22nd. Drexel doctoral students, Sam Grabus and Kai Li, both RDA Data Share Fellows, presented their research posters on current fellowship progress.

Sam’s poster, titled “Advancing rights management metadata best practices across open and closed data sharing communities,” demonstrates preliminary efforts to develop a set of Rights Management Metadata best practices for Institutional Review Boards (IRB), based on researcher data sharing needs. This poster provides a literature review of existing research surrounding IRBs and Data Sharing; steps taken to identify researcher data sharing needs, through the examination of data sharing agreements; and preliminary efforts in identifying existing metadata standards that support rights management.

Kai Li presented his poster, “An Ontology of Data Events Based on GBIF Data Papers,” which is a preliminary effort to build a clear understanding of what datasets go through before they are described in the data paper. The events that are posed on datasets in the experiments are identified and classified, so that a structured ontology can be established to facilitate future automatic works.

Professor Jane Greenberg presented on the NSF Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub Spoke initiative, A Licensing Model and Ecosystem for Data Sharing, to the RDA Legal Interoperability Group. This collaborative work is led by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brown University, and the Metadata Research Center, Drexel University. Professor Greenberg also helped lead the “Engaging early career researchers and professionals” discussion, which identified potential next steps for the RDA data share fellows program.