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Spring & Summer Updates – 2017

  • MRC (Metadata Research Center) participated in the NSF 2017 Joint PI Big Data Meeting, March 15th-17th in Washington D.C.; doctoral student, Sam Grabus, presented her poster entitled “Share DB: A Licensing Model and Ecosystem for Data Sharing” for research on the Northeast Big Data Hub project “A Licensing Model and Ecosystem for Data Sharing“.
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, on March 20th. Jane Greenberg presented developing research, “Data Sharing Licensing: From Challenges to Metadata Solutions.”

Pictured from left to right: Jane Greenberg, Xia Lin, Metadata Research Center, and Virginia Ortiz-Repiso, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, visiting scholar, MRC, Jan-June 2016.

  • Research Data Alliance 9th Plenary Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, April 5-7.  Kai Li, doctoral student and RDA fellow, who is working on “A metadata scheme of the software-data relationship: literature review,” presented a poster on his research during the plenary lunch.
  • Using Smart Grids Big Data, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, April 18.  Doctoral student Sam Grabus presented a poster on her current progress with the NE Big Data Hub’s Data Sharing spoke. Jane Greenberg also gave a lightning talk about “A Licensing Model and Ecosystem for Data Sharing.”

Pictured from left to right: Sam Grabus, Jane Greenberg

  • DIMACS/Northeast Big Data Hub Workshop on Privacy and Security for Big Data, Rutgers University, New Jersey, April 24-25. Jane Greenberg presented her research about “Beyond Open Access: Addressing Data Sharing Agreements and Challenges”
  • Center for Visual and Decision Informatics (CVDI) Industry Advisory Board Meeting, University of Virginia, April 24-26. MRC faculty Yuan An, Xia Lin, and Jane Greenberg all attended and presented research proposals in the area of big data and visualization.
  • Spring was also a busy season for MRC’s Metadata Mixers. To read more about the guests and view presentations, visit the Metadata Mixer page.
  • Lori Richards was re-elected as a member of the Science, Technology, and Health Care Steering Committee for the Society of American Archivists for 2017/2018.
  • MRC faculty member, Yuan An, led a Data Science Summer Club for students to learn data analytics skills and participate in the Kaggle competitions. Drexel students advanced their analytics skills through solving real-world problems. The club met once a week in the summer, and had 21 students from the College of Computing and Informatics and LeBow College of Business, both at Drexel University.
  • Professor Alex Poole participated in this summer’s American Library Association (ALA) conference “Leaders Wanted:  Is an LIS Doctoral Program Right for You?” session, Saturday, June 24, and also represented the College of Computing & Informatics at the Drexel booth.
  • Hongwei Liu was awarded Tung-Li & Hui-His Yuan Prize for his exceptional academic achievements during the 2016-17 academic year.
  • Alex Poole at ALA, June, 2017