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Public Release: Final Report for 2D and 3D File Format Recommendations

The MRC, in collaboration with Drexel University’s Applied Informatics Group (AIG) and Harvard Libraries, has released its final report for the project “2D and 3D File Format and Metadata Analysis” [link to report]. Harvard Library collections include several thousand 2D and 3D objects representing art, architectural, archaeological, museum, engineering and other objects.

The chief objective of the collaboration was to assist in identifying 2D and 3D file formats for acceptance into and preservation within the Harvard Digital Repository Service. MRC Researcher Adrian Ogletree and AIG Research Engineer Isaac Simmons surveyed available formats in the engineering domain and described the best candidates for curation. They then identified useful metadata for extraction and mapping that metadata into larger schema, and integrated these results with the tools and policies surrounding ingest of a new dataset into the DRS

“It was a great experience working with Drexel’s AIG and MRC groups. Their expertise with CAD and other technical engineering formats made this project possible.” – Andrea Goethals, Manager of Digital Preservation and Repository Services, Harvard Library.