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DCMI 2015

The Metadata Research Center was well represented at the 2015 DCMI International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications ( Adrian Ogletree and Xia Lin attended the conference in São Paulo, Brazil, and Edward Krause presented virtually.

Adrian Ogletree presented on the RDA’s (Research Data Alliance) Metadata activities during a Special Session on “Current Developments in Metadata for Research Data.” Click here for slides and abstracts for the session.

Xia Lin presented his paper, A DDC Visual Interface for Metadata Exploration, and Edward Krause presented “Evolution of an Application Profile: Advancing Metadata Best Practices through the Dryad Data Repository.”

Adrian Ogletree also presented a poster during the poster session, “Advancing Materials Science Semantic Metadata via HIVE.”

Lastly, Kevin Wierman, an MRC collaborator, presented his poster on metadata research in particle physics, “Particle Physics Metadata Standards in the Tritium File Format.”

Many thanks to the conference organizers and to UNESP! We had a great time in lovely São Paulo.

Sao Paulo skyline