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Metadata in the Metropolis: Over 70 participants at Drexel’s Metadata Research Center Launch

Metadata in the Metropolis logo with Philadelphia skyline

Attendees included researchers, faculty, students, participants from industry, Drexel alumni, and staff from area institutions. The event kicked off with a welcome from Alice B. Kroeger Professor and director of the Metadata Research Center, Jane Greenberg. College of Computing Dean David Fenske set the stage by highlighting significant challenges in today’s data intensive environment, noting the 4th Paradigm (Jim Grey). The event followed with a series of lighting talks and shout-it-outs highlighting research. The event concluded with a lively reception in the Metadata Research Center. Read more about the event here. Slides and presenter details follow below.
Jane Greenberg at MRC Launch

Lightning Talks

  • Digging into Metadata –Michael Khoo and Xia Lin [Slides]
  • From Bug Data to Big Data – Michael Khoo [Slides]
  • Building a Workforce of Next Generation Librarians for 21st Century Global Information Access – Jung-ran Park, Chris Yang, Yuji Tosaka, Houda El Mimouni, and Qing Ping [Slides]
  • Evolution of an Application Profile: Dryad’s DCAP v.4.0 – Edward Krause, Erin Clary, and Adrian Ogletree [Slides]
  • Towards a Content-Based Materials Science Discovery Network – Emily LeBlanc [Slides]
  • The Asthma Files: Ethnographic Ventures in the Sciences of Environment & Health – Alison Kenner [Slides]
  • Metadata in the GIS Community – Jake Nelson [Slides]

Shout-it-Outs [Slides]

  • HIVE and Materials Science Ontologies – Yue Zhang
  • When Good Metadata Goes Bad, Or What is a “Game?” – Katherine McCain
  • Leveraging Managed Metadata in SharePoint – Steven Mann
  • The Drexel Digital Museum Project – Kathi Martin, Daniel Caulfield-Sriklad
  • Drexel University’s Center for the Study of Libraries, Information, & Society – Delia Neuman
  • Metadata Capital – Jane Greenberg