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Ajani Levere Presents STAR Scholar Project

Ajani Levere, a Drexel University STAR Scholar working with Drs. Jane Greenberg and David Breen presented their research imageomics at the STAR Scholars showcase on August 31, 2023. Their presentation was titled “Computational Fish Specimen Classification: Advancing Machine Learning Model Accuracy” and was part of the NSF-HDR: Biology-guided Neural Networks for Discovering Phenotypic Traits. Ajani’s research is continuing under the guidance of Dr. Greenberg. They describe their project as follows:

Digital specimen metadata is valuable for scientific research and discovery, yet sparse specimen metadata availability restricts its potential. In addition to computational efforts made to remedy this issue, Machine Learning (ML) classification was performed on a computed metadata component, the outline extracted from fish specimen images. An ML model (MLM) approach provided a computational genus classification for a given fish outline. This research improves the MLM’s ability to accurately classify fish from their 2D outlines and demonstrates the expressiveness of this computed metadata item.  

In our analysis, we inspected the outlines of the error cases, followed by a statistical review of their numerical data. We discovered our dataset limited higher MLM accuracy potential. Refactoring the dataset with a reduced feature length thus enhanced our dataset for MLM interpretability. Experimental results indicate a 96% accuracy, a 5% improvement over previous results. These results confirm the outline as a unique and highly distinguishable metadata component. Computing metadata components of this nature aids the development of a more robust metadata catalog for ML researchers.