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Drexel’s Metadata Research Center (MRC) and LEADING Fellows active at 2021 IEEE Big Data Conference

Great participation at this year’s IEEE Big Data conference (IEEE Big Data), which ran virtually, December 15-18th, 2021.

On Wednesday, December 15, MRC members and collaborators affiliated with the NSF-HDR projects, Accelerating the Discovery of Electronic Materials through Human-Computer Active Search and the new Institute for Data-Driven Dynamical Design project presented two papers: “Fine-Tuning BERT Model for Materials Named Entity Recognition” by Xintong Zhao, Jane Greenberg, Yuan An, and Xiaohua Tony Hu, and “Knowledge Graph-Empowered Materials Discovery,” by X. Zhao, J. Greenberg, S. McClellan, Y. Hu, S. Lopez, S. Saikin, X. Hu, and Y. An.

On Friday December 17th,  Sam Grabus and Jane Greenberg participated in the IEEE Big Data 6th Annual Computational Archival Science workshop, and presented their paper, “Computational Curation and the Application of Large-Scale Vocabularies,” stemming from work with the 19th C. and historical vocabularies [Presentation Recording]. LEADING ‘21 Fellows Lencia Beltran and Emily Ping O’Brien, along with LEADING advisory board member, Richard Marciano, also presented on their paper, “A Framework for Unlocking and Linking WWII Japanese American Incarceration Biographical Data,” connected with the Densho collection.

Also, to note, Jennifer Proctor, a LEADING ’21 Fellow, presented a paper, titled “An AI-Assisted Framework for Rapid Conversion of Descriptive Photo Metadata into Linked Data.”