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Bridget Disney
We are making slow and steady progress on YAMZ (pronounced yams). My task this week has been to import data into my local instance. I began by trying to import the data manually into PostgreSQL but got stuck even though I tried a few different methods I had found using Google.
This is where the advice of someone experienced come in helpful. In our Zoom meeting last week with John (mentor), Dillon (previous intern), and Hanlin, it became evident that I should have been using the import function that was available in YAMZ. Finally, progress could be made. I hammered out some fixes that allowed the data to put imported, but it wasn’t eloquent. Another meeting with John shed light on the correct way to do it.
YAMS uses four PostgreSQL tables: users, terms, comments, tracking. We had errors during the import because of the ‘terms’ data referencing a foreign key from the ‘users’ table. Because of that the ‘users’ table must be imported first. There were still other errors and we only ended up importing 43 records into the ‘terms’ table. There should have been about 2700! John will be providing us with another set of exported JSON files. The first one only had 252 records. He also provided us with some nifty Unix tricks for finding and replacing data.


On the server side, both Hanlin and I have been able to access the production site on AWS. We going to try to figure out how to get that running this week.

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