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Yamz Kickoff

June 23rd, 2019


In this summer, I’m going to work with my mentor John Kunze from California Digital Library (CDL), and another LEADS-4-NDP fellow Bridget Disney (University of Missouri), to do some awesome metadata research! What Jane Greenberg, John Kunze and other researchers in the area of metadata standards found problematic is that when metadata standard is being discussed and created, people (mostly domain experts) spend a relatively large amount of time to discuss and set the standards, controlled vocabularies and etc., but have little or less time to test the actual performance of such a standard and then revision.


YAMZ (Yet Another Metadata Zoo) creates a unique experience that is similar to Wikipedia and Stack Overflow in a scene that the community can co-edit and vote for a standard. Our first kickoff meeting with the LEADS-4-NDP site supervisor John was on Friday. We’ve learned that yamz.net is currently deployed on the free version of Heroku, and is going to be transferred to the Amazon cloud services (AWS) in this summer, and Bridget and I are going to be part of it. I’m very excited about we are going to be involved in this process and expecting to learn a lot of cool stuff.


To read more about Yamz:



The goals for next week:

  • Rewrite the new readme and improve the readability

  • Figure out how to remotely connect to CDL, preferably through a Drexel University Network.


Hanlin Zhang

1 thought on “Hanlin Zhang, LEADS Blog #1 Yamz Kickoff”

  1. Thanks for the great update, Han! I’m hoping we get this VPN situation figured out ASAP, whether through your institution or Drexel. As of noon on Friday, only 3 of the fellows were still waiting on their paperwork to be finalized by HR, so hopefully you’ll be able to retrieve your Drexel ID soon! Excited to see where this project goes over the summer.

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