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MRC Co-Sponsors NASKO this week: NASKO Highlights

The Metadata Research Center is co-hosting the North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization (NASKO 2019) from June 13-14th, at the College of Computing and Informatics.

Howard White: “On Patrick Wilson”

Professor Emeritus and Visiting Research Professor Howard White will deliver a special presentation at NASKO, titled “On Patrick Wilson.” Read more about Howard here.

Presentation Abstract: During 1965-2001, Patrick Wilson brought the acuity of a professional philosopher to library and information science (LIS) and became a major theorist in many aspects of knowledge organization (KO). My new article, an extensive critical introduction to his thought, reflects the view that much of his work is of permanent value. He can be read for well-informed critiques of the instruments by which writings are organized for retrieval — the bibliographical side of KO. He can also be read for shrewd accounts of personal knowledge and behavior with respect to societal information systems — the social-epistemological side of KO. Indeed, in his work the two sides converge. Broadly, he can be read for his clarifications of concepts on both sides of KO, such as bibliographical control, relevance, subject indeterminacy, information needs, information overload, librarians’ roles, and LIS as a field.


MRC PhD student Sam Grabus will present her paper, “Representing Aboutness: Automatically Indexing 19th-Century Encyclopedia Britannica Entries.” Jane Greenberg will also be presenting her paper,  “Ontology as a Service: Exploring HIVE Technology for Extending Clarivate Services.” PhD students Sonia Pascua and Deborah Garwood will also participate in the Doctoral Symposium.

Read more information about NASKO here.

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