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Dear Fellows,

This is where your e-mail blog updates will appear. You can use images and html in your e-mails to customize your post. E.g.,
Please include your blog entry title (eg., “Week 2 Jane Doe Update”) as your e-mail subject, and end each post with your name. It would also be useful to viewers for you to include the following information in each of your posts:
LEADS site: e.g,. California Digital Library
Project title: e.g., “Making a Metadata Meritocracy”
You won’t have the ability to edit your post after sending, so make sure you check for spelling errors, etc. Leads PIs and Advisory Board members may comment with their feedback on the individual blog entries. You may reply to these comments directly on the site as an external user, using your name and e-mail address.
Sam Grabus




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