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LEADS-4-NDP Data Science Bootcamp

To kick off the LEADS-4-NDP summer fellowship, LEADS fellows participated in a 3-day intensive data science bootcamp at Drexel University from June 7th-9th, guided with lectures from Drexel University Information Science faculty.

LEADS fellows, Sam Grabus, Adam Johs, Drexel CCI faculty, Jane Greenberg, Jake Williams, Xia Lin
LEADS Fellows, along with CCI faculty, LEADS staff, and Caroline Hayden, LEADS mentor (front row, far-left)

Topics ranged from data science processes; an introduction to crunching data with R, SQL, NOSQL, and NewSQL; linked data at OCLC; metadata quality and integration; data pre-processing techniques with R; data visualization and visual analytics; data mining and machine learning methods, working with Hadoop and Spark; text processing and natural language processing; as well as automated data analysis tools.

Each LEADS fellow is partnered with a remote fellowship library site, where they will be working with mentors on site-specific data science projects over the next 10 weeks.