Jacob Kramer-Duffield to speak at the Metadata Research Center
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Informal Discussion with Jacob Kramer-Duffield on ‘Audience Analytics in Contemporary Media’

BYOL (“Bring your own lunch”) gathering and informal discussion with Jacob Kramer-Duffield. Changes in the media landscape have led to changes in how media companies think about and measure their audiences. These changes have implications for what content is created, how audiences experience it, and how it is organized and found.

When:  Thursday, January 11, 12:00-1:00 PM

Where: 231 Rush Building MRC (Metadata Research Center)

Jacob Kramer-Duffield, Jane Greenberg, Chloe Rotman, Sam Grabus
Jacob Kramer-Duffield discussing audience analytics at the Metadata Research Center.

Jacob Kramer-Duffield, Ph.D., has worked on digital analytics and audience research for several of the largest podcast producers and distributors, including Panoply and New York Public Radio. He has a background in social media research, receiving his doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science in 2010, where his dissertation focused on the beliefs and uses of tagging among students, and the segregation of communications by channel and audience. He lives in Brooklyn and spends spare hours cooking and birding.