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Jeremy Leipzig’s coming talk at Metadata Mondays

Topic: Computational Reproducibility
When: Metadata Monday, May 23, 1:00-2:00 PM
Location:  All talks scheduled in Room 213, the Rush Building, Drexel University’s main campus.
Who:  Jeremy Leipzig, Bioinformatics Programmer, CHOP and Research Associate/Ph.D. student Information Science/CCI

The NSF and NIH sharing policies of the early 2000s helped to fuel data sharing initiatives nationally, and even internationally; and we see sustainable efforts today, such as the Dryad data repository, which is now formal non-profit.  Data sharing is only one piece in the more complex scientific enterprise; and many of today’s endeavors are computational and data intensive.  As a result, increased attention is being directed to support mechanisms for sharing entire analyses, also known as reproducible computational research (RCR).  Metadata is integral to RCR, and necessary for supporting scientific workflows and encode pipelines to support research reproducibility.  

In this talk, I will review the following topics and invite open discussion:

  • descriptions of research domains where RCR is a pressing concern
  • organizations involved in RCR
  • politics/legal aspects
  • tools of the trade: portals, workflows, notebooks, & containers
  • opportunities for research and tools and funding
  • why Drexel? (and why the MRC?)

Background reading:

Leipzig, J. (2016).  A review of bioinformatic pipeline frameworks: 

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