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Welcome to New MRC Students

We are delighted to announce two new CCI master’s students have joined the Dryad curation team: Vishesh Singh and Juby John. Vishesh is a master’s student enrolled in the MSIS program at CCI. He has a background in electronics and communication engineering. Juby is a master’s student in the Software Engineering program at CCI and brings a rich experience in software QA and documentation.

We are also pleased to announce that Kai Li, a Ph.D. student in the Information Studies program at CCI, has also joined the MRC as a graduate research assistant. He has a Master’s degree in Library and Information science from Syracuse University. He is working on a NSF Center for Visualization and Decision Informatics (CVDI) project, “Transforming Data Adaptation Science and Service: An Innovative Visual Ontology Application,” and is building a visual ontology that can automatically capture and display reuse relationships for research data, algorithms, and other scientific products.