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Visiting Scholars to Join the MRC for the Summer

This summer, Dr. Rosina Weber will be hosting two students from the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program: Tayane Fogacia Peixoto and Luiz Antonio Martinazzo, who are visiting from the Industrial Engineering program at Federal University of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

They will be working on Dr. Weber’s project, Advancing Understanding, Modeling, and Reuse of Scientific Knowledge. The scientific context is a complex space that is not well understood. This universe includes at a minimum investigators, financial resources, institutions, goals, outputs, and impact. To be understood, it has to be studied as other complex systems, by creating and evaluating representations and models of each of its subparts, what requires gathering, analysis and evaluation of high quality data about it. The current scientific context is rapidly adopting the concept of e-Science, where virtual collaborations aim at streamlined and easily reproducible scientific processes. We are investigating attributes of metadata that can be effective for cyberinfrastructure knowledge services in e-Science contexts.