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Edward Krause places in top 10 Philly Codefest hackathon project finalists

Edward Krause, Dryad Assistant Curator, was one of the top 10 project finalists at this past weekend’s Philly Codefest. Congrats, Edward! More information about his project is below:

Project:  Winter Companion
Team Members:  Ge (Jeff) Pu, Edward Krause, Jeff Fung, and Bao Pham
Description:  Winter companion is a warning system and educational tool to reduce the risk of cold-related illnesses among populations that are less able to respond to changes in core body temperature or that may have inadequate heating in their homes.  The warning system is a microcontroller-based temperature sensor designed to be placed in the home of an at-risk individual, where it will automatically send an email to the individual’s caregiver or emergency contact if the ambient temperature in the home drops below a set temperature minimum.  The educational component of Winter Companion consists of web-based interactive data visualizations showing trends in temperature change and cold-related illness as well as at-risk demographics.  Winter Companion’s educational web tool also includes a questionnaire to assess an individual’s risk of cold-related illness.