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Dryad Membership Meeting at St. Anne’s College, Oxford

What: Dryad Membership Meeting
Who: Dryad staff and members
When: 9am-6pm May 24, 2013
Where: St. Anne’s College, Oxford

Dryad Digital Repository will be holding a meeting for members, prospective members, and other interested parties on May 24 at St. Anne’s College in Oxford, England. Coming at the end of a three-day group of symposia on scholarly communication and research data sharing and attribution, Dryad staff, members, and community will discuss current and future plans for the repository itself as well as its members and partner journals. Scheduled topics include models for the technical and peer review of data, ideas for promoting the adoption of data citations, measuring data reuse, funder perspectives on the use of research grants for data management costs, the relevance of larger data networks, and more.

Registration for physical attendance has already closed, but webinar registration is still available.