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A Cataloging Research Blitz: Celebrating 2010 as the Year of Cataloging Research!

Presentation: A Cataloging Research Blitz!!!

Library of Congress guests, SILS students and faculty, UNC Library staff and visitors from the Research Triangle Park and surrounding libraries came together for a celebration that featured a blitz on cataloging research. A list of the Blitzers can be found here. This was the first *blitz* of three (3), sponsored by the SILS Metadata Research Center and the UNC Libraries, to celebrate 2010 as the year of cataloging research.

Several SILS students and UNC library staff “blitzed” through their cataloging/metadata research, followed by a reception.

Library of Congress guests included:
Barbara B Tillett, Chief, Policy and Standards Division, LC

Libby Dechman, Senior Policy Specialist, LC

Ed Summers, Software Developer/Librarian, LC

More information on the event can be found here.