Building a workforce of information professionals for 21st century global information access

Project Summary

The project (PI: Jung-ran Park, CCI associate professor; Co-PI: Christopher Yang, CCI associate professor; Co-PI: Yuji Tosaka cataloging/metadata librarian, The College of New Jersey) develops a new approach to providing access to continuing education resources and opportunities for all levels of cataloging and metadata professionals nationwide. The ultimate goal of the project is to enhance the skills and knowledge of cataloging and metadata professionals essential for building a workforce for 21st century global information access. The grant award supports the project’s building of a self-sustaining digital repository for professionals to access continuing education resources for self-directed lifelong learning on emerging data standards and technologies including Semantic Web; a collaborative virtual platform for professionals to communicate, mentor, and share library projects, applications, and best practices; and the creation of an open-source webinar series with sequential learning modules to enhance professionals’ in-depth knowledge and skills.